Join us for an exhilarating and educational event at the Texas Gun Experience, where the world of cybersecurity and cutting-edge technology collide with the thrill of Full Auto Friday! Immerse yourself in an afternoon of learning, networking, and hands-on experiences.

Friday, September 8th · 2-5pm

Texas Gun Experience in Grapevine

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Explore Cybersecurity: Dive into the world of cybersecurity and discover how to protect your organization from evolving threats. Learn about the latest trends, strategies and best practices from our experts. 

Networking: Engage with some of our favorite partners who specialize in cutting-edge security technology solutions. As you mingle, you'll receive a ticket for an opportunity to shoot a machine gun.

Arming Yourself with Knowledge: In today's digital landscape, having the right security technology solutions is essential. Just as you equip yourself with the right gear at the range, arming yourself with the right cybersecurity tools is crucial for safeguarding your business.


Please note: This event is intended for IT professionals only and seating is limited. Registration is subject to approval upon review by the event director. For federal, state, local and education invitees please verify governing rules and regulations concerning your participation.